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Airoclean 420 Specs & FAQs

Eliminates powdery mildew, bacteria and pathogens in large, commercial grow facilities with no emissions, no ozone and no chemicals. Made in the USA. Easy to install and use.

Airoclean 420 Max Specifications

Airoclean 420 Max specs

Airoclean 420 Home Specifications

Airoclean 420 Home specs
Developed for NASA and certified

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Airoclean 420 safe?

No emissions. No ozone. Only pure, clean air. Completely safe. Airoclean 420 is listed as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Class II Medical Device and is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).


How are the Airoclean 420 units installed?

Airoclean 420 units can be easily suspended from ceilings in the center of the grow rooms from the upper canopy superstructure that is slightly above the light fixtures. Each unit is shipped with easy-to-use mounting hardware.


Is Airoclean 420 energy efficient?

Airoclean 420 is very energy efficient, and uses 2-100 W standard light bulbs.


Does Airoclean 420 require special care?

The only maintenance is the annual replacement of the ultraviolet lamps. Lamp change is easy and requires no special tools or skills. The filter used to protect the Airoclean 420 reactor chamber from inbound particulates and dust should be changed every grow season.


How much noise does Airoclean 420 make?

The only noise made is from the air movement and fan spinning. The noise is no higher than conversational levels.

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