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Healthcare solutions

Data Driven Infection Prevention and Bioconversion Hi-Tech developed for NASA to help you improve patient outcomes, increase staff wellbeing and reduce costs. 


Airocide APS

Elegant design for consulting rooms and smaller areas up to 552 m3

Using the patented process of Photocatalytic Oxidation, Airocide does not filter, but eliminates airborne viruses, bacteria, molds, allergens, VOC gases and odours without releasing any harmful by-products (No ozone released. The bioconversion of pathogens, contaminants and other particulates results in CO2 and traces of H2O vapour being released). The EDISON AWARD winning design and construction provides optimal airflow and the maximized disinfection. Airocide APS is quiet; with 3-speed ventilation – low, automatic, maximum – ensures a quiet and safe environment.

Developed for


Airocide GCS

Same technology as APS.

Larger capacity.

Designed for Hospital spaces, combining the clean look and the required efficacy for areas up to 1368 m3  from ED and OR to Critical Care and waiting rooms. 

Airocide HD

Same technology as APS and GCS.

Faster speeds.

Where air flow speed and efficacy are important in areas up to 1133 m3


Scientific Air S400

Scientific Air’s S400 goes beyond filtration -- capturing airborne
pathogens with a UVC dosage close and long enough for up to a
99.9995% virus kill rate, eliminating bacteria, mold , odor, and VOC’s.

The S400 uses patented UVC technology, bio-aerosol full room size laboratory validated, to kill pathogens, reduce particulates, removes mold, odor, and VOC's in a standard 800 cubic-foot room in minutes.
Helps reduce airborne HAI's with up to a 99.9995% UVC pathogen killing rate.
Reduces airborne particulates by as much as 99.97%.
Quiet 24/7 UVC air scrubbing, entirely safe for patients and staff.

No harmful by-products (No ozone released)

PURO Fighter Flex System

Revolutionary approach to disinfecting air and coils in
air handling and HVAC systems. The easy to install, easy
to customize way to inhibit growth of biofilm, increase
indoor air quality.

Prevents biofilm build-up on cooling coils, inactivates viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold flowing through air handling units, and helps you save HVAC energy consumption up to 20%


PURO Defender

Powerful germicidal in-duct UV-C solution that is simple, small and easy to retrofit for continuous air disinfection

Disinfects air flowing through the system to inactivate viruses, bacteria, molds and spores.

Creates a UVGI barrier that inhibits proliferation of pathogens settling inside the air ducting system.
Inhibits creation of biofilm, increasing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and comfort.
Provides continuous ozone-free air disinfection without expensive and polluting chemicals.

PURO Protect 222

Ground-breaking UV technology uses Far UV-C light to
safely disinfect occupied high-touch, high-traffic areas
continuously through the day and night.

Uses filtered 222nm UV-C disinfection technology for quick pathogen reduction of surfaces and air in occupied spaces.
Tested and certified by Underwriter Laboratories as
safe and effective in occupied spaces.


UV Disinfection Control System

Data Driven Infection Prevention.

Add Safety, Reporting, and Data Collection to your PURO UV Disinfection Program The first control system of its kind specifically designed for user-friendly operation, the PURONet UV Disinfection Control System controls PURO Helo Fixtures within a room providing safe operation and data collection on disinfection cycles. 

Dependability at its core; Excellence in every use

Our company was founded with the aim of revolutionizing the way the Healthcare industry handles the environment in Hospital facilities. We are proud to offer only innovative and reliable solutions that help you improve you Infection Prevention and Control targets and look to work closely with the healthcare community on new developments.


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