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Stop Powdery Mildew...

Before it kills your harvest.

Protect your product quality

Powdery mildew

Growers of all kinds grapple with powdery mildew, and cultivators who are growing cannabis indoors are no exception. The humidity and temperature ranges used for growing cannabis create the ideal conditions for mold and mildew to flourish. This can make it difficult to stop powdery mildew. Some growers turn to temporary remedies to treat this fungal plant disease. Luckily, there is a better way than apple cider vinegar for treating powdery mildew. The most effective way to prevent powdery mildew from infecting your plants is to keep it out of the air, to begin with. Cleaning up your air will provide a safer atmosphere for your crops. Our proven cannabis air purification system, Airoclean 420, is your solution for air quality problems. It uses powerful air purification technology to remove powdery mildew from the air before it has a chance to infect your cannabis plants. It is energy efficient and produces no emissions, so your plants will have the highest air quality possible throughout the growing cycle.

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Ensure your facility passes regulation compliance

Your plants will thrive after Airoclean 420 sanitizes the air to 99.999987% pure.

Airoclean 420 sanitizes air by processed air through its patented Photocatalytic Oxidation System developed for NASA to develop healthy crops at the International Space Station. Contaminants are mineralized. No emissions, no ozone, and no chemicals used. The Airoclean 420 chamber destroys microorganisms and is a self-cleaning non-depleting TiO2 catalyst, not a simple filtration system.

Developed for 

Airoclean 420 home

AiroClean420 was introduced in 2015 to help Cultivation & Production facilities grow Quality Products without the risk of fungal disease contamination.

Based on the success of thousands AiroClean420 systems operational in North American Grow Facilities, we have responded to customer demands to design a smaller model for the Home & Hobby Growers using our Developed for NASA Photocatalytic (PCO) technology. Place your order today and protect your plants from Powdery Mildew Contamination.

Each unit will cover up to 816 Cubic Meters (34 m3 / hour).
For larger areas - multiple units can be used.

Developed for

How Airoclean 420 purifies air for your plants

No ozone. Noemissions. No chemicals are used.

Airoclean 420 uses a patented Bio-Conversion Reactor to kill powdery mildew, bacteria and pathogens. Airoclean 420 is far more effective than HEPA filters, which use a “screen door” design, circulating harmful pathogens and contaminants back into the air. As contaminated air enters the system, it passes through rings contained within a sealed reaction chamber. The rings surround an array of proprietary high-intensity Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) lamps, which serve as the unit’s primary energy source. Contaminated air passes over the lamps, excites the catalyst and forms millions of hydroxyl radicals, mineralizing powdery mildew, pollen, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and VOC’s.

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S400 Professional Air Stational System

Scientific Air’s S400 goes beyond filtration -- capturing airborne pathogens with a UVC dosage close and long enough for up to a 99.9995% virus kill rate, eliminating
bacteria, mold , odor, and VOC’s.

3 stage filter

The S400 uses patented UVC technology, bio-aerosol full room size laboratory validated, to kill pathogens, reduce particulates, removes mold, odour, and VOC’s in a standard 800 cubic-foot
room in minutes.

Reduces airborne particulates by as much as 99.97%.
Quiet 24/7 UVC air scrubbing, using is entirely safe.
Powerful air management 24/7 in spaces like indoor crops and compounding pharmacies laboratories among many others.

PURO Fighter Flex System

Revolutionary approach to disinfecting air and coils in
air handling and HVAC systems. The easy to install, easy
to customize way to inhibit growth of biofilm, increase
indoor air quality.

Prevents biofilm build-up on cooling coils,
inactivates viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold
flowing through air handling units, and helps you save HVAC energy consumption up to 20%


PURO Defender

Powerful germicidal in-duct UV-C solution that is simple, small and easy to retrofit for continuous air disinfection

Disinfects air flowing through the system to inactivate viruses, bacteria, molds and spores.

Creates a UVGI barrier that inhibits proliferation of pathogens settling inside the air ducting system.
Inhibits creation of biofilm, increasing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and comfort.
Provides continuous ozone-free air disinfection without expensive and polluting chemicals.

PURO Protect 222

Ground-breaking UV technology uses Far UV-C light to
safely disinfect occupied high-touch, high-traffic areas
continuously through the day and night.

Uses filtered 222nm UV-C disinfection technology for quick pathogen reduction of surfaces and air in occupied spaces.
Tested and certified by Underwriter Laboratories as
safe and effective in occupied spaces.


UV Disinfection Control System

Data Driven UV sterilisation.

Add Safety, Reporting, and Data Collection to your PURO UV Disinfection Program The first control system of its kind specifically designed for user-friendly operation, the PURONet UV Disinfection Control System controls PURO Helo Fixtures within a room providing safe operation and data collection on disinfection cycles. 


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